IBM releases WebSphere Liberty to Open Source Community

Originally posted on 27Sep17 to IBM Developerworks (9,154 Views)

This is BIG!

(OK, it’s not strictly Telco related, but check the footnote to see my personal connection with the J9 VM in particular)

WebSphere Liberty is the high performance Java Enterprise Edition Server that’s ultra light-weight – it includes and OSGi container and uses the IBM J9 VM at it’s core – which IBM has also donated to the Open source community (via Eclipse – see .1

This will improve access to such great technology and I’d encourage you to go check out the project at

1. A little history lesson on the IBM J9 VM – it was originally developed by IBM’s (now defunct) Pervasive Computing division for IBM’s J2ME lightweight VM. It was then ported to the J2SE and J2EE platforms. When it was developed, I was in a Tech Sales role for the Pervasive Computing division, so I have a soft spot for the J9 VM.

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