TelcoTalk is an occasional blog focused on the Telecommunications industry – sometimes networks, sometimes BSS, sometimes OSS, sometimes standards, whatever takes my fancy really…

Oh, by the way, I’m Andrew Larmour, Senior IT Architect with more than 19 years of experience in the Telco sector. These posts represent some of my earlier posts from my old blog on IBM’s Developerworks platform (copied here now that platform has retired) and new posts from more recently.


5G Conspiracy…

I watch some of the Internet’s stupidest conspiracy theories; chemtrails, jets don’t burn fuel, flat earth, hollow earth, moon landings were faked, vaccines cause autism (and apparently every other childhood ailment), naturopathy, chiropractic, HAARP weather modification etc – they all provide a bit of amusement to me when I consider how easy it is for …


I have a broad range of experience in technology since beginning in the IT industry in 1994. In that time, I’ve worked in customer, service provider and vendor environments. Most recently, with a software vendor providing Technical Sales (PreSales) expertise to sell software solutions. I’ve designed solution architectures for clients all around the world – for Telcos as small as 300,000 subscribers to those with more than 200 million.

I have the ability to engage with customers to become their trusted adviser. I am driven by the challenge of designing solutions that help customers resolve their business issues. I am able to relate to all levels of a client – from Network Engineers to C-Level executives to Line of Business users to fully understand the real business and technology issues facing the business and use my more than 20 years of experience to design solutions that will resolve those problems and define road-maps for the business going forward.

In the last 15 years, I’ve specialised in the Telecommunications Industry, OSS/BSS Transformation, Catalog Driven Order Management, Real Time Marketing, NFV and Digital Transformations. Beyond that, I also have a broad range of industry experience with clients in the Automotive, Banking, Retail, Transportation, Oil & Gas and Government. 

This map represents the countries that I’ve worked on business in (not necessarily where I’ve physically been)