Telstra to block iPad Micro-SIMs in other devices

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Interesting… in the rest of the world (and as I heard repeatedly last week at TeleManagement World in Nice, France) Telcos are suffering from all you can eat plans – particularly plans for devices like the iPhone which encourages users to be online all the time and to consume rich media like movies.  I heard from a number of Telcos that teenagers are preferring to watch movies on their iPhones in their bedrooms rather than in the lounge room on the normal TV (not that they can always get access tot he same movies on the TV) – surely a larger screen will encourage more of that sort of behaviour.  This is driving too much traffic on Telcos 3G networks with flat rate plans.  Optus have also announced a similar all you can eat plan for their iPads.
At almost the same time, both Optus and VHA (Vodafone Hutchison Australia) have offered unlimited 3G plans for just AU$50.  It makes me wonder if these Telcos in Australia are listening to other Telcos around the world.  There’s been a lot of press about AT&T’s network problems associated with iPhone users.  I know the world would be a perfect place if we learnt from everyone else’s mistakes, but come on – you don’t need to be a genius to see how this could damage their business.  I guess they see this as a competitive pressure – if their rivals do it, then they have to as well – I had hoped that  the Australian Telcos would be (jointly) a bit more sensible about it. 
I do not have any Apple products and I’ll admit to a bit of jealousy at an all you can eat plan for only AU$50 when I get about 1 Gb for a similar amount on my Nokia e71 – it doesn’t seem fair that I get so much less for similar money on the same network – just because of the device I choose to use…

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